Sport-related concussions are the most common neurological injury that occurs in all levels of athletic participation.  Many athletes may be unaware of the symptoms of concussion or the dangers of playing with a concussion.  Concussions, also known as mild traumatic brain injury, are not limited to sports injuries however, as many occur with motor vehicle and workplace accidents, slip and falls, and school yard mishaps.

Complete Concussion Management’s mandate is to provide accessible, evidence-based concussion care to all Canadians.  We do this through the following channels:

        1. Providing initial and ongoing education and training to physicians and various multi-disciplinary clinicians
        2. Establishing accessible multi-disciplinary primary access centres throughout the country
        3. Linking those clinics through a network of local family doctors and, for complex cases, advanced care specialists
        4. Providing education and help with best-practices, evidence-based concussion policy development to local, provincial, and national sports associations, schools, and school boards
        5. Training and education programs for coaches, trainers, and school teachers
        6. Linking all stakeholders (Athletes/concussed patients, coaches, teachers, family doctors, CCMI clinicians, and specialists) through a proprietary technological platform. (Learn More)

Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) exists to ensure that evidence-based, best-practice care derived from published research makes it into the hands of practicing clinicians in the healthcare field.  Ultimately, the goal of this program is to provide concussed patients and those at risk of concussion with proper care and procedures.  With an accessible network of experienced and trained professionals using advanced electronic medical record sharing and smartphone technology, CCMI offers a viable solution to the current concussion problem.

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