Complete Concussion Management Sideline Course

Concussion Database

With our patent-pending technology, your baseline test results now follow you wherever you go! Each clinic within the CCMI network has access to our secure electronic health records system, which stores any and all of your previous concussion information (baselines, previous injuries, current treatment and return to play management). At your first visit to any of our facilities you will receive a unique athlete ID card that offers you access at any of our locations across the country. This is the first step to creating your concussion history and profile that will remain with you throughout your life. Our certified practitioners can then use this ID card to access your file, to provide a more accurate diagnosis and/or return to play decision, wherever you may be. (Note: this system is only accessible by certified CCMI clinics).

Recent research has found that prior concussion history can influence the outcome of future concussions. Typically, by the time the injury happens it is very difficult for individuals to recall all of the elements of their previous concussion(s). Our injury database system solves this problem by storing accurate information regarding all of your previous concussions, so that in the event of future concussions your practitioner can utilize your previous concussion history to provide better management decisions.

Concussion Tracker Smartphone App

The first of it’s kind!  A smartphone app that links directly with a health record system.

Coaches, Trainers, or Teachers:

    • Make lists of all your players or students
    • Report injuries from your app directly to a certified concussion clinic!
      • Report injuries from your app directly to a certified concussion clinic!
      • Walks you through sideline concussion tests and compares results to athlete’s CCMI baseline test
      • Immediately notifies athlete’s/student’s clinic of the suspected concussion
      • Fast tracking assessment, diagnosis (within 24 hours), and management
  • View progress on injured athletes/students
      • Teachers & coaches are typically left in the dark when it comes to their concussed students/players.  What can I do with this student?  When can my player come back?
      • Now you can see all of the concussed players on your team and where they are at in their recovery
      • View recovery stage as well as academic and athletic permissions


    • Carry your baseline test results in your pocket, everywhere you go!
    • View concussion recovery tips, concussion rehabilitation exercises, overnight care instructions, and emergency situations for the first night after injury
    • A direct communication line with your treating clinician throughout recovery
    • Update your symptoms and progress on a daily basis throughout recovery

App_section_AppTeam List - coaches:trainersSymptom Tracker

Coaches and trainers are now kept in the loop with their injured players making it easy to set line-ups and conduct game plans.  Green means healthy, red means injured, and yellow means allowed to practice but not yet ready for game play.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

For Researchers:

All clinical information from each patient regarding baseline and post-injury assessments, ongoing symptom/functional recovery variables and timelines are recorded and stored in a secure, completely de-identified format from each of our clinic locations. This system allows for large retrospective epidemiological research, as well as large-scale prospective clinical and observational research, helping to drastically improve our understanding of concussions, concussion recovery and long-term concussion outcomes. If you are a researcher at a college or university and are interested in finding out more about potential research opportunities please contact us at

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