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Complete Concussion Management Practitioner Education Course


This course is designed to provide the busy therapist with an in-depth, evidence-based education to create clinical
EXPERTISE in concussion management & treatment.

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CCMI courses are 100% online to allow you, the busy clinician, to learn on your own time. Following successful completion of the full CCMI Practitioner Education Course, you will eligible to join the CCMI Clinic Partnership Program and become a certified Complete Concussion Management Clinic location; the largest concussion treatment and rehabilitation network in the world (details below).


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CCMI Course Outline. 40 hrs. | 60 days | Eligible for most CEUs most states


Neurology Overview, Epidemiology, Prevention & the Berlin Consensus | 2 hrs.

An update on the international concussion consensus statement; prevalence across various sports and industries; prevention strategies and a review of pertinent neurology.


Pharmaceutical and Natural Interventions for Concussion | 2.5 hrs.

Current evidence regarding the use of medications, diet, and supplements to optimize concussion recovery.


Biomechanics of Subconcussive Impacts, and the Cervical Spine | 2 hrs.

How much force does it take to cause a concussion? What is the evidence for sub-concussive impacts? What is the evidence for concussion prevention and strengthening programs?


CCMI Baseline Testing Protocol (3.5 hrs.)

Rationale and support for comprehensive baseline testing. Evidence behind each test in the protocol and how to perform the CCMI battery.


ImPACT Administration, Interpretation, and Evidence | 1.5 hrs.

Background information on the ImPACT test. How to administer this test in different scenarios and also how to interpret the results (Administration & Interpretation). Evidence and limitations.


Assessment of Acute Concussion | 4 hrs.

A systematic and evidence-based approach on assessing and diagnosing acute concussion.


Management of Acute Concussion (3.5 hrs.)

How to properly return your patients back to school, work, sports, and everyday life.


Pathophysiology of Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) | 3.5 hrs.

Why do some patients recover in a week, while some take months? Reviewing the current state of evidence in each of the main theories behind the emergence of PCS.


Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment | 8 hrs.

In-depth examination of the procedures of physical capacity, visual and vestibular dysfunction, and cervical spine function – the cornerstone of PCS rehabilitation and treatment strategies. This module covers how to assess, properly categorize and treat/rehab patients depending on their examination findings. Complete with evidence-based treatment algorithms for complex cases and demonstration of specific rehab techniques.


Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) | 4 hrs.

CTE is thought to be the long-term brain damage caused by concussion and exposure to head trauma. But, how much do we really know? What evidence exists?


Implementing the CCMI Program | 2 hr.


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13 hours
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27 hours
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About Complete Concussion Management Network

Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) is a world leader in the management and treatment of concussion with both the largest network of partnered concussion clinics as well as the world’s largest universal concussion database system which is currently being used to produce some of the largest concussion studies ever seen.

Founded by the Concussion_Doc, Dr. Cameron Marshall, over 6 years ago, CCMI has developed a reputation for providing evidence-based education on the pathophysiology, biomechanics, assessment, management, and treatment of concussion & mild traumatic brain injury to thousands of healthcare professionals.  Our goal is not just to provide an educational course on concussions, but rather to develop EXPERTS in the concussion field to provide reliable, evidence-based treatment to those in need.

By joining our network of over 350 certified concussion clinics world-wide you are ensuring that more patients will be able to find you through our partnered marketing efforts, search engine optimization, and regional program development managers to help you get the most out of your concussion program.


Benefits of the CCMI Network:

  • Listing on CCMI map – Google SEO to attract more patient flow
  • Access to clinical & marketing resources to optimize concussion program delivery at your clinic
  • Google and Facebook marketing to drive patient demand to your clinic
  • Access to the CCMI Practitioner closed Facebook community – where you can share cases, products, opportunities, and develop continuous learning from thousands of certified CCMI clinicians from around the world
  • Access to the CCMI database system for clinical testing and patient management – connects to the sideline & patient smartphone app with tons of features and communication with sports and schools
  • Monthly research updates – a synthesized summary of all of the top concussion-related studies from peer-reviewed medical journals.  CCMI keeps you up to date and saves you time!
  • and much more…

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