The Concussion Tracker app
Assess, Report and Track Concussions!

Improve Communication and Fast-track Appointments!

The Concussion Tracker app provides seamless communication between sports teams, schools, parents, and the local medical team, so everyone is on the same page when a concussion occurs.

For Coaches, Trainers and Teachers

Get Your Athletes on the Right Path for Recovery

Assess and report suspected concussions directly to CCMI certified concussion clinics. Athletes get access to clinics within 24 – 48 hours!

Be Confident in Your Knowledge

Review concussion training material at anytime so you’re prepared when a concussion occurs.

Help Bring Your Athletes Back to Sport... Safely!

View sport-specific exercises and restrictions for each stage of recovery. Report back to the clinician for seamless communication and updates.

Monitor The Recovery Status of Your Athletes

Live tracking of athlete’s return to learn/play status. Know when your athletes are cleared for practice and games.

  • Green = Cleared to Play
  • Yellow = Cleared to Practice
  • Red = Suspected/Confirmed Concussion

For Athletes and Patients

Accessible and Convenient Locations

Find CCMI certified concussion clinics and expedite access for appointments... wherever you are!

Get Better Care

Limit your visits by keeping your Clinician informed through daily symptom updates from home.

Standardized Testing, Assessment and Treatment at All Locations

Keep your baseline results and concussion file with you at all times. Use any CCMI location to get you back to life!