Return-to-learn is a relatively new concept that deals with the reintegration of student athletes back into mental activity and learning following a concussion. Concussions can have a significant short-term impact on a students memory and concentration abilities, leading to a drop in school performance and grades.  Our trained clinicians offer a stepwise reintegration back into the school environment through modifications and communication with teaching and school administrative staff. Our program offers rehabilitation programs for students that are having difficulty with certain aspects of brain function.


Similar to return-to-learn, the return-to-work program offers a stepwise reintegration back into the working environment for concussed patients.


Following a concussion, return-to-play is a stepwise process, which gradually introduces the athlete back into their specific sporting environment. This process gradually reintroduces varying degrees of physical and sport specific activity, while assessing recovery of abnormal brain blood flow and/or vestibular function. For high-risk and contact sport athletes this stepwise approach is capped off with a final physical test, designed by the Chicago Blackhawks medical staff. In addition to re-testing all pre-injury cognitive and physical measures (if a comprehensive baseline is available), this test assesses an individual’s level of recovery and ability to return to full game play.

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