Whether you know it or not, there is a very good chance that you are part of a network.

On Facebook? That’s a network. Part of a family? Consider that a network. Play sports? You better believe that your team is a network.

Depending on how you define it, a network is simply a group or system of interconnected people and/or things. In the case of Complete Concussion Management (CCMI), we are a concussion care network of multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners providing evidence-base care. Our common goal is to improve patient outcomes.

But, why does a network matter? Why is it important? Why should we care in healthcare?

Here are the top 4 benefits of joining a concussion care network.

1. Multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners and referrals

Having access to a network of trained multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners and collaboration with physicians to co-manage concussions allows practitioners from different disciplines and expertise to bring their strengths to the table.

A physiotherapist or chiropractor may focus on structural issues of the cervical spine whereas a naturopathic doctor could provide recommendations for diet and nutritional interventions to support metabolic recovery. Furthermore, access to a referral network and supportive care such as visual rehabilitation or cognitive behavioural therapy can help to address specific symptoms and improve patient outcomes.

A comprehensive and standardized approach puts the patient first.

2. Continuing professional development

The concussion landscape is rapidly evolving and research is published on a daily basis. Mouth guard, helmet and other novel technology that claim to prevent concussions are frequently introduced. What about blood and saliva biomarkers?

How are you going to keep up? How are you going to determine fact versus fiction? How are you going to apply it to your practice – and your patients?

We are committed to professional development, which includes our evidence-based training program for licensed healthcare practitioners. All successful practitioners that join the concussion care network receive regular research updates, highlighting new information and findings. Our concussion management protocols are reviewed, revised and updated monthly across the CCMI concussion care network, as necessary.

We also have a moderated Facebook group where practitioners can share anonymous case studies or ask questions to their colleagues. This interaction among healthcare practitioners is designed to help improve your skillset and encourage networking. If there is a question about a specific case or challenge, members are always willing to help!

We make professional development easy, providing the facts and tools for clinical application so that you can continue to focus on your patients while consistently providing the most current, evidence-based protocols.

3. Communication and collaboration through technology

All clinics and practitioners are connected through the CCMI EMR System, which provides an easy-to-use platform to administer and document concussion assessments, clinical notes and referrals. Furthermore, the Concussion Tracker app connects you, the treating healthcare practitioner, to local sports organizations, coaches, trainers, schools and patients. This allows everyone to be on the same page if a concussion occurs, and during the recovery process.

This technology also allows patients to go to any CCMI clinic and access a patient’s concussion file. A single, shareable and secure concussion file for each patient; even if they move or sustain a concussion while on the road.

CCMI - Concussion Care Network

4. Strength in numbers

Patients with persistent concussion symptoms require a multidisciplinary care team, and frequent visits and follow-ups. CCMI practitioners collaborate with family and sports medicine doctors to co-manage patients.

Having access to a network of clinics and practitioners provides patients with accessible, standardized and timely care regardless of where they are. They can expect the same standard of patient-centric care at any location. This can be extremely useful for high-level athletes that frequently travel.

CCMI possesses knowledge and expertise in the concussion care space. The goal of the network and our collective priority is patient care. Increasing your visibility through an international network, increases our collective ability to help more patients get better.

We help patients and athletes get back to things they love following a concussion injury.

Interested in joining the CCMI concussion care network? Contact us to learn more!