Instagram is quickly becoming a great resource for concussion news and information. There are a number of influencers (i.e., healthcare practitioners), not-for-profit organizations as well as people impacted by concussion sharing their story on The Gram.

As images and video become the gold standard on social media, many anticipate that Instagram could become the preferred platform for people on social media. In fact, some sources suggest that Instagram is growing faster than ever.[1] This is no surprise as there are nearly 1 billion active users and a half a million daily active users![2]

So, where should you get your concussion information? Here’s our list of 5 accounts you should follow.

5 Concussion Resources on Instagram

Dr. Cameron Marshall – @concussion_doc

With more than 15,000 followers on Instagram, Dr. Marshall shares a broad range of information about concussion injuries, and treatment and rehabilitation. His feed has a wealth of information, which includes the latest news and updates on concussion research, videos of treatment approaches, information about concussion resources, alerts for upcoming webinars, and much more! If you are a healthcare practitioner or an aspiring healthcare practitioner, this is an account that you should follow!

He is also very active on Instagram Live and stories. He even has a regular segment called Coffee with Cam, where he talks about the latest studies and shares his thoughts on the concussion world as well as the Ask Concussion Doc live show on Facebook and Instagram. If you miss the live show, previous episodes are available on YouTube.

Follow Dr. Marshall on Instagram, Twitter or listen to the Ask Concussion Doc show on the Complete Concussion Management podcast.

Aerin DiLeva, APA Sports Physiotherapist – @concussionphysio

Aerin DiLeva is Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) titled Sports Physiotherapist. Through her work with multiple National and International Winter Sports teams, she has developed a strong interest in the areas of concussion education and management. She has experienced firsthand how these injuries can impact patients and athletes alike. Her passion is to educate and inform all those impacted by concussions on the evolving evidence-based approaches related to risk reduction and the management of concussion.

Her account is full of useful stats, facts and other tidbits of concussion information. Follow concussionphysio on Instagram or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) – @concussionfoundation

Founded by Chris Nowinski, PhD and Dr. Robert Cantu, Concussion Legacy Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, which is fully dedicated to resolving the concussion crisis by furthering the research, treatment and prevention of the impact of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups.[3] The organization hopes to achieve this mission through education, advocacy, policy development and medical research.[3]

The CLF’s Instagram page offers concussion news, research updates, information and stories about the people who have been impacted by concussions. These empowering stories show that although we’ve come a long way in concussion prevention, identification and management, there is still a lot to be done.

Follow the CLF on Instagram or visit their website for more information.

British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) – @bjsm_bmj

The British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) is one of the leading sources for information and multimodal portal for the sports and exercise medicine community. The organization serves 25 sports medicine and sports physiotherapy societies, which have more than 12,000 total members.

Their Instagram account provides followers with a sample of the latest original research, systematic reviews and consensus statements related to sport and exercise medicine. Oftentimes, this includes information that is relevant to practitioners involved in concussion management. Most recently, they alert their followers about new podcast episodes, original online articles, new care guidelines or consensus statements, and new print publications.

This was one of the first places where we caught wind about the latest international consensus statement on concussion in sport.

Follow on Instagram, Twitter, or visit the British Journal of Sports Medicine website.

Molly Parker, DPT – @mollyparkerpt

Not only is Dr. Molly Parker a physical therapist, she has had post-concussion syndrome (PCS) and a sensorimotor disorder for 7 years. She knows concussions firsthand, and she wants to spread the word!

Throughout her recovery, she saw more than 70 different healthcare practitioners and spent countless hours reading the research. Her goal is to raise awareness, and help close the gap in concussion management and education. Her vision is inspiring: “is that one day each person with a concussion will be properly diagnosed, educated, and treated.”[4] Well, Dr. Parker, we share the same goal!

Dr. Parker is all about community. She believes that community empowers people to reach recovery goals faster. Check out her Navigating Concussion community page or follow Dr. Parker on Instagram. Her page is full of great concussion management information, patient testimonials and healthcare profiles.

Keep up the great work, Dr. Parker!

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow Complete Concussion Management on Instagram! Visit our Become A Clinic page for information about our concussion management training program and clinic network for licensed healthcare practitioners.