In Episode 18 of Ask Concussion Doc, we discussed variables that contribute to prolonged concussion recovery, what makes people more or less susceptible to concussions, and subsequent impacts.

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Prolonged Concussion Recovery

A study from McCrea et al. concludes that prolonged concussion recovery was associated with unconsciousness, post-traumatic amnesia, and more severe acute symptoms.[1] Some of these predictors could indicate that a concussion could be more severe, potentially resulting in longer recovery.

During the episode, Dr. Marshall explains that the most predictive variable for concussion severity and length of time to recovery is symptom score on the initial assessment. Simply, a higher symptom severity score after injury may mean that it could take longer to fully recover.

Some research shows that poor coping skills and anxiety can also prolong recovery. Dr. Marshall discusses the critical role of education and reassurance in concussion management.

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Concussion Susceptibility

Unfortunately, we don’t entirely know why some people are more susceptible to concussion injuries.

That said, we do know that if someone is recovering from a concussion, they could get a second concussion with potentially less force. Also, this secondary injury could have an additive effect, resulting in more and more time to full recovery with each subsequent concussion that happens within the recovery time period.

Therefore, full recovery prior to returning to activity is critical. Dr. Marshall discusses the pathophysiology of concussion and some of the leading theories around why some people may be more susceptible to concussions in detail during this episode.

It’s for these reasons why proper concussion recognition, reporting and management is key.

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