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Post-concussion fatigue: Expected or a Chronic condition?
Post-concussion fatigue: Expected or a Chronic condition?

Development of Post-Concussion Fatigue After a head injury, patients can experience various common symptoms, including joint pain, headache, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. Concussions are largely an energy balance problem in…

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Recovery Roadmap: Manual Therapy’s Crucial Role in Concussion Care
Recovery Roadmap: Manual Therapy's Crucial Role in Concussion Care

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of concussion management, the profound influence of manual therapy techniques on patient outcomes is indisputable.  The nuanced practice of manual therapy has, at times, been…

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Mental Health Referral After Concussion
Mental Health Referral After Concussion

It is well-established that a mild traumatic brain injury has a direct impact on mental health. Healthcare professionals should be aware of a concussion patient’s emotional & psychological symptoms, and…

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How to Treat Post-Concussion Headaches: An In-Depth Walkthrough
How to Treat Post-Concussion Headaches: An In-Depth Walkthrough

Though common, headaches can be complex and elusive manifestations that can be difficult to treat. In general, there are over 150 kinds of headaches, from the dreaded “brain freeze” (yes,…

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Complete Concussions

Functional Medicine or Naturopathic Doctor

Training courses and continuing education for Functional Medicine or Naturopathic Doctor.

Inflammation, Gut, Hormones, Autonomic Function.

You already know that the gut is connected directly to your brain.  In fact, the gut may be the most important portal for influencing brain function.  Recently, evidence suggests that permeability of the gut lining increases within hours of a traumatic brain injury and gut dysbiosis occurs within days.

Mental fogginess, cognitive problems, sleep dysregulation, hormone dysregulation, and long-term neurodegenerative disease are some of the most important considerations for appropriate concussion care today.

In this course for Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctors, we explore the latest scientific evidence and protocols for treating complex concussion patients with functional medicine.  Upon completion of this course, you will have the opportunity to be listed on our map of certified providers and have access to our integrated software system which connects clinics throughout our network and connects directly to our Concussion Tracker smartphone application.

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Benefits of becoming a provider.
  • Listed as a provider with the largest network in the world
  • Testing & Management Software w/ patient app included
  • Ongoing monthly research updates
  • Sales & marketing support through dedicated manager
  • Integrated referral network to send and receive patient referrals
  • And more…

Evidence-Based Concussion Training for all Disciplines.

Complete Concussions specializes in the evidence-based training for physicians and rehabilitation professionals in an effort to create the world’s largest collaborative multidisciplinary concussion care ecosystem.

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