Patient, Athlete, and/or Student who is 13 years of age or older and responsible for their own account

Frequently Asked Questions - Individual

How do I view teams and schools that I belong to?
How do I add/join a team or school?
I have joined my team, but my coach/teacher can’t see me on his/her roster?
How do I remove myself from a team/school or coaches roster?
How do I report a concussion on myself, my child, or my teammate?
How do I see my baseline test results and how do I send them to someone?
How can I see my injury results and how do I send them to someone?
How can I see my injury clearance letters and how can I send them to someone?
How do I upload a clearance letter?
I have a concussion, but I don’t have a concussion dashboard.  Why?
How do I update my personal information? Email address? Password?
How do I change my preferred language?
I’m an individual but I am also a coach/teacher. How do I create a coaches profile (Team Leader) and add my players?
I’m registered as an individual but I want to add my children under my account. Can I do this?
If I am injured, how do I update my symptoms, write to my clinician, and view all the components of my injury?
How do I find a CCMI clinic?

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