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Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) exists to ensure that evidence-based, best-practice care derived from published research makes it into the hands of practicing clinicians in the healthcare field.  Ultimately, the goal of this program is to provide concussed patients and those at risk of concussion with proper care and procedures. Certified CCMI clinics offer standardized concussion baseline testing, guided return-to-learn, work, and play programs, as well as concussion rehabilitation and treatment.  Each CCMI clinic is connected through an electronic health record system that stores all baseline and post-injury information, allowing patients access to their concussion file at any CCMI location across Canada.

CCMI Certified clinics are the front lines of the Complete Concussion Management concussion strategy. These clinics are designed to have practitioners with specialized training in concussion management and the CCMI research-based protocols. Because we strive to offer the best service available for concussion management we are always looking for the best team members to make this possible.

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There are certain requirements however, to ensure that we are delivering an elite and expert service.

In order to become a CCMI Certified Clinician you must:

        • Complete our 30-hour online training and certification program, which outlines the existing literature and treatment strategies surrounding concussion injuries so that each and every practitioner is up to date
        • Requires yearly re-certification training
        • Due to the explosion of concussion research over the past few years, each member of the team receives monthly, summarized research updates and is required to remain up to date to retain their status as a CCMI provider.
        • Be a part of a CCMI Certified Clinic

Want to get your clinic CCMI certified? Here are the clinic requirements:

        • Clinic must have a minimum open/gym space of 15′ x 15′ to conduct post-injury concussion testing and final return-to-play physical exertion tests
        • Clinic must have or be able to acquire a Treadmill AND Stationary Bike
        • Each practitioner must be able to schedule their concussion patients for at least 30-45 minutes for post-injury appointments.  (One of the major problems with these injuries is that practitioners are not taking the time to properly assess and educate the patient regarding what a concussion injury is and why it is important they follow the proper management strategy. A poorly informed patient is a poorly managed patient. If you don’t have this amount of time in your practice to do a thorough and complete concussion assessment, this isn’t the place for you).

To find out more please email kreidhead@completeconcussions.com or fill out the form below.

Join our team and let’s start managing these injuries according to evidence-based best practices!

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