Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) collaborates with educational institutions dedicated to furthering the research on concussions. Our clinical network is continuously collecting, storing and categorizing de-identified concussion records, multimodal baseline testing results, rehabilitation & treatment outcomes, and various other fields, from all regions of the country. This technology allows researchers to perform large scale studies with very minimal effort and financial requirement. To inquire about collaborative research with CCMI, please fill out the form below.

Past Collaborative Research:

Title: Investigating Preseason symptoms of depression and concussion in adolescent athletes.

Author: Tian Renton, Jane Topologic-Vranic, Angela Colantonio, Nick Reed, Cameron Marshall


Year: 2016

Title: The role of the cervical spine in post-concussion syndrome.

Author: Cameron Marshall, John Leddy, Howard Vernon, Bradley Baldwin


Year: 2015

Title: Sports-related concussion: a narrative review of the literature

Author: Cameron Marshall


Year: 2012

Future Collaborative Research:

Complete Concussion Management has been collecting de-identified data on our secure national concussion database for 1 year and we are currently interested in conducting projects in the following areas:

    1. Mechanisms of injury and symptom presentations at initial assessments for acute or chronic injuries (ability to stratify by age and sex)
    1. Buffalo Treadmill Test used as an acute return to play measure
    1. Buffalo Treadmill Test results in both subacute and chronic patients as an assessment of physical capacity
    1. Pass/Fail rate of an intensive, sport-specific physical exertion test in concussed high-risk athletes following symptom resolution
    1. Examining the learning/retention of an online educational course for coaches, trainers, and teachers in Canada

Note that this is not a complete list.  Please inquire for other interests you may have.  There is also the possibility of collaborating on prospective studies using our clinical network and secure national database.

Inquire about future collaborative research