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Sleep and Concussions: Getting the Rest That Helps You Heal

When someone sustains a concussion, there are many key considerations on their path to healing. Proper nutrition, metabolic recovery, and of course, sleep. But exactly what effect does a concussion…

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Concussion Recovery – Helpful Support Systems and Clear Communication

The Importance of Communication in Concussion Recovery When it comes to recovery, some injuries are simpler than others. For instance, if you break your leg in a ski accident, X-rays…

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Episode 133 – The Silent Injury & Helpful Support Systems with Melinda Krynen-Hill

The idea for this conversation came from frequent requests from PCS patients for something that they could share with friends and family to help them be more supportive and understanding….

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Episode 132 – The Autonomic Nervous System & How Exercise is Medicine for Concussion Patients

In this episode I chat with Dr. John Leddy, one of the inventors of the famous Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test. We discuss the autonomic nervous system and how exercise is…

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Return to Play: Is returning too soon after a concussion bad?

The most recent international consensus statement on concussion in sport recommends immediate removal from play following a concussion or suspected concussion injury.[1] But, why is that? What are the risks if…

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Physical Exertion Testing: What You Should Know

As mentioned in our previous blog post titled What is a concussion baseline test and why is it useful, healthcare practitioners can’t rely on symptoms alone. We also know that…

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Is Concussion Baseline Testing Right for You & Your Team?

Updated May 22 2021 The simplest definition of a concussion baseline test is a series of physical and cognitive tests that measure healthy brain function before a sports season starts…

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Are Concussions in Hockey Preventable?

While there is inherent risk for concussion in any sport, hockey is widely recognized as one with a higher incidence rate. Why? Well, it’s simple. The game is played on…

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Life With An Invisible Scar: Nazeeg’s Story

Updated June 26 2021 An invisible scar is something that Nazeeg knows far too well. In fact, most of her twenties she dealt with ongoing pain. Following a serious concussion…

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ACD19 | CDC Concussion Guidelines

In this episode, Dr. Marshall reviews the CDC Concussion Guidelines, and offers insights about how to apply them to concussion management and patient care. Get it on iTunes: Want more information? Check…

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ACD18 | Prolonged Recovery, Susceptibility & Subsequent Impacts

In Episode 18 of Ask Concussion Doc, we discussed variables that contribute to prolonged concussion recovery, what makes people more or less susceptible to concussions, and subsequent impacts. Get it…

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ACD17 | Delayed Symptoms, Concussion Tracking & CTE

In episode 17, we discussed how and when symptoms of concussion present, addressing some of the challenges in connecting with athletes and injury tracking, and some new research on CTE…

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ACD16 | Neck Strength, Supplements & Visual Motion Sensitivity

Updated June 25 2021 In Episode 16, we discussed whether or not neck strengthening exercises can help to prevent concussions, supplements that may support recovery, and visual motion sensitivity following…

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