I went to the GP about 2 weeks after the initial injury, where I was referred for an x-ray, and then changed to MRI. Results were clear but I was still getting headaches and GP just told me to take medication and if I am still getting headaches to come back. I waited 2 weeks to see the GP after the initial injury based on another GP pretty much saying ‘why are you here?’ while I was still getting headaches about 1 week after a previous concussion. Frustrated with no improvements and lack of advice around management from the GP other than rest, I wasn’t sure what else to do. I was lucky enough to share a mutual client with another physiotherapist who was going through PCS and she recommended that I give Back On Track Physiotherapy a call and go in for a concussion assessment as she had found the program so beneficial for her. Getting involved in the program was the best thing I did and the knowledge advice made me feel much more confident in the treatment I was receiving.