Treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome

Treatment & Rehabilitation

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How Can Concussion Treatment & Rehabilitation Help?

Rest is no longer considered the best approach to concussion care. Early intervention of various therapies can significantly improve recovery following a concussion. Through a thorough assessment and the right treatment approach, trained healthcare practitioners can help patients safely return to learn, work and play.

  • Exercise Therapy

    Following a short period of rest and symptom-limited activity, guided exercise therapy has shown to improve blood flow and speed recovery.

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  • Manual Therapy

    Headaches, balance and visual issues, dizziness and blood flow abnormalities are symptoms of both concussion and neck injuries (or whiplash). Oftentimes ongoing symptoms are coming from your neck, which can be treated with manual therapy.

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  • Vestibular Rehabilitation & Vision Therapy

    Visual disturbances and dizziness are common following concussion. A balance and visual rehabilitation program may help to reduce symptoms such as dizziness, visual abnormalities, concentration issues and memory problems, among other symptoms.

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  • Diet & Nutritional Intervention

    Avoiding pro-inflammatory foods and replacing them with more nutritious foods may help to offset inflammation and reduce symptoms.

    Download our free brain recovery diet infographic.

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  • Education & Reassurance

    Education and reassurance is an important part of concussion care. Understanding exactly what is going on and why you feel a certain way can help to improve recovery.

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