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Concussion Recovery – Helpful Support Systems and Clear Communication

The Importance of Communication in Concussion Recovery When it comes to recovery, some injuries are simpler than others. For instance, if you break your leg in a ski accident, X-rays…

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Episode 133 – The Silent Injury & Helpful Support Systems with Melinda Krynen-Hill

The idea for this conversation came from frequent requests from PCS patients for something that they could share with friends and family to help them be more supportive and understanding….

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Episode 132 – The Autonomic Nervous System & How Exercise is Medicine for Concussion Patients

In this episode I chat with Dr. John Leddy, one of the inventors of the famous Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test. We discuss the autonomic nervous system and how exercise is…

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Concussion in Children: Part II

Returning to School Following Concussion Every year in Canada alone, thousands of K-12 students sustain a concussion as a result of a fall, collision in their sport, or bike/auto accident….

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Boys vs. Girls – Sex differences with concussion

Updated June 30, 2021 Differences between the male and female brain have been the subject of extensive research for decades. Although difficult to study, research has shown that being XY…

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How much do minor bumps to the head impact someone post-concussion?

Should someone who has experienced a concussion be concerned about minor bumps and hits to the head? The short answer? No. Dr. Cameron Marshall explains why below:

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Do helmets prevent concussions? What you should know

Do helmets prevent concussion? What type of helmet should I buy? What brand offers the most protection? Should we use a cage or a visor – what’s better? These are…

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What to do for a concussion after injury

Updated June 3rd 2021 What to Do for a Concussion Many people wonder what to do for a concussion, and yet, the majority of these same people are confused as…

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Top reasons why athletes don’t report concussion

While education and awareness is growing, many athletes still do not report concussion. There are up to 3.8 million concussions in sport in the US each year. But, these numbers…

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Return to Learn: Helping Students Safely Get Back to Class After A Concussion

Concussion is a buzzword that is used quite often in sports and schools. If helping students safely return to school after a concussion is not on your agenda, then this…

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Is it safe to sleep after a concussion?

The question of sleep is very common after a concussion injury. Can I sleep? How long should I sleep for? What if I can’t sleep? Do I need to be…

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Do I have a concussion?

A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury that causes a temporary disturbance in brain cells that can disrupt brain function. The injury is caused by an acceleration…

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Restoring Human Movement Podcast with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales: Complete Concussion Management

Last week, Dr. Cameron Marshall was a special guest on the Restoring Human Movement podcast with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales: expert in sports injuries, physiotherapy, chiropractic sports medicine, and educator. During the…

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Return to Play: Is returning too soon after a concussion bad?

The most recent international consensus statement on concussion in sport recommends immediate removal from play following a concussion or suspected concussion injury.[1] But, why is that? What are the risks if…

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