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Sleep and Concussions: Getting the Rest That Helps You Heal

When someone sustains a concussion, there are many key considerations on their path to healing. Proper nutrition, metabolic recovery, and of course, sleep. But exactly what effect does a concussion…

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Concussion Recovery – Helpful Support Systems and Clear Communication

The Importance of Communication in Concussion Recovery When it comes to recovery, some injuries are simpler than others. For instance, if you break your leg in a ski accident, X-rays…

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Episode 133 – The Silent Injury & Helpful Support Systems with Melinda Krynen-Hill

The idea for this conversation came from frequent requests from PCS patients for something that they could share with friends and family to help them be more supportive and understanding….

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Episode 132 – The Autonomic Nervous System & How Exercise is Medicine for Concussion Patients

In this episode I chat with Dr. John Leddy, one of the inventors of the famous Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test. We discuss the autonomic nervous system and how exercise is…

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Ask Concussion Doc – Ep. 63 | The Hockey Episode

This is the hockey episode – the episode every hockey parent or hockey player should listen to! Concussion Doc is one of the authors of the recently released largest concussion…

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Neurofatigue: Why am I so tired?

Updated June 23 2021 The reason behind concussion and persistent fatigue One of the main symptoms people seem to struggle with after sustaining a concussion is ‘neurofatigue’. That feeling you…

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How hard do you have to hit your head to get a concussion?

Trick question! You don’t actually have to hit your head to get a concussion. Concussion is the result of acceleration and deceleration of the brain inside the skull. The easiest…

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What is a Concussion?

Complete Concussion Management President and CEO Dr. Cameron Marshall, explains in detail what a concussion is: Follow us! DISCLAIMER This is not intended as a substitute…

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Restoring Human Movement Podcast with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales: Complete Concussion Management

Last week, Dr. Cameron Marshall was a special guest on the Restoring Human Movement podcast with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales: expert in sports injuries, physiotherapy, chiropractic sports medicine, and educator. During the…

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Exercise therapy and manual therapy in concussion management

Using graded exercise therapy and manual therapy in concussion recovery may be contrary to the “old way” of dealing with a concussion injury. Traditionally, patients were told to rest after…

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Vision therapy and vestibular rehabilitation in concussion management

Dizziness, vertigo, and feeling off balance are some of the most common complaints of concussion patients.1 These symptoms are often caused by several issues such as problems with the balance…

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5 characteristics of an effective concussion clinic

Concussions are complex injuries that can result in a variety of symptoms and problems, including issues with the cervical spine and vestibular system. Although most people recover in 10-14 days,…

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4 reasons to join a concussion care network

Whether you know it or not, there is a very good chance that you are part of a network. On Facebook? That’s a network. Part of a family? Consider that…

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#BellLetsTalk: Concussions and Mental Health

Mental illness directly or indirectly impacts everyone at some point during their life. It has no boundaries and can affect people of all ages, education, income level and cultures.1 For those…

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