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Concussion Recovery Tips for Success over the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, concussion recovery can become especially challenging. The hustle and bustle of the holidays often bring increased social expectations and overwhelming schedules that can cause additional…

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Top 5 most effective evidence-based treatment options for concussion

  Historically, patients with concussion symptoms due to mild traumatic brain injury were told to rest, rest, rest. And when complete rest didn’t work, they were told to rest some…

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Sleep and Concussions: Getting the Rest That Helps You Heal

When someone sustains a concussion, there are many key considerations on their path to healing. Proper nutrition, metabolic recovery, and of course, sleep. But exactly what effect does a concussion…

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Concussion Recovery – Helpful Support Systems and Clear Communication

The Importance of Communication in Concussion Recovery When it comes to recovery, some injuries are simpler than others. For instance, if you break your leg in a ski accident, X-rays…

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Complete Concussions

Concussion Sideline Course

Understanding what a concussion is, how to recognize them, and how to safely manage a concussed athlete back into the classroom and the sporting environment.

Welcome to the Complete Concussions

Concussion Sideline Course.

The CCMI Concussion Sideline course is designed to equip those on the front-lines with a basic understanding of what a concussion is, how to recognize them, and how to safely manage a concussed athlete back into the classroom and the sporting environment.

This course will also teach you how to use the new Concussion Tracker smartphone application to assist you with recognizing and assessing possible concussions on the sidelines!

The Concussion Tracker App provides seamless communication between sports teams, schools, parents, and the local medical team, so everyone is on the same page when a concussion occurs.

Course Price:

$14.99 USD

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Concussion Sideline Course

In this course, you will learn:

  • What happens to the brain during a concussion and why this is VERY important to understand.
  • How to recognize the signs and symptoms of a  concussion – even the subtle ones.
  • When to remove a player and when to let them back.
  • Overnight care and emergency situations.
  • Baseline testing – is it important? What is the best way?
  • Returning a student to the classroom and an athlete to the field – what is the teachers/coaches role?

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Concussion Sideline Course

Course Itinerary.

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1 Concussion Basics
  • How many of our athletes are actually receiving a concussion and why?
  • How to recognize a concussion (signs and symptoms)
  • What happens inside the brain from a concussion and how long does it take to recover?
2 When a Concussion is Suspected
  • When do I remove someone from play?
  • How do I properly assess and monitor a concussion?
  • What are the immediate and long-term risks associated with concussion? What is second-impact syndrome?
  • What immediate and overnight care should be taken?
3 Baseline Testing
  • Should athlete’s get a baseline test?
  • What is the purpose of a baseline test?
  • What kind of baseline test should our athletes take?
4 Concussion Management
  • Where should I be sending my athletes for treatment and follow up care?
  • Who should be making the return-to-play decisions for our athletes?
5 Return-to-Learn & Play.
  • What are the stages of recovery for an athlete?
  • When can the athlete return to practice or games?
  • What drills can the athlete returning to practice participate in? What restrictions does the athlete have?
  • What can I do to help?
6 CCMI’s Concussion Tracker App
  • How to report an injury
  • How to add a team roster
  • How to view progress on injured athletes

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