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Concussion Courses for Medical & Healthcare Professionals

In a world where as many as 3.8 million sport-related concussions occur annually in the United States alone , concussions can have serious and sometimes even long-lasting effects. The medical…

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Best Concussion Courses for Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists: A Comprehensive Review
A Comprehensive Review

Continuing education for concussion and post-concussion syndrome is a must for Physical Therapists (and Physiotherapists). This post breaks down the best concussion management training courses for PTs to allow you…

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3 Reasons You Need Continuing Education Concussion Training
3 Reasons You Need Continuing Education Concussion Training

From medical professionals and coaches to organizations and athletes, concussions are top of mind, and for good reason. Regardless of age and activity level, everyone is at risk for concussions….

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Concussion Recovery Tips for Success over the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, concussion recovery can become especially challenging. The hustle and bustle of the holidays often bring increased social expectations and overwhelming schedules that can cause additional…

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Concussion Doc™ Podcast

Ask Concussion Doc

Ask Concussion Doc is an online show where we answer your questions about concussions, treatment, and rehabilitation.  Our goal is to raise awareness, educate, and help patients, athletes and healthcare practitioners better manage injuries.

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Episode 133 – The Silent Injury & Helpful Support Systems with Melinda Krynen-Hill

The idea for this conversation came from frequent requests from PCS patients for something that they could share with friends and family to help them be more supportive and understanding….

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Episode 132 – The Autonomic Nervous System & How Exercise is Medicine for Concussion Patients

In this episode I chat with Dr. John Leddy, one of the inventors of the famous Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test. We discuss the autonomic nervous system and how exercise is…

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Episode 131 – CTE – How Worried About CTE Should You Be?

CTE – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is a worrying conditions for many former athletes, military vets, and concussion patients. We know what the media says, but is this narrative actually true?…

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Episode 130 – 3 Step Concussion Recovery Program (building foundations)

Roughly 70% concussions recover within a few weeks yet 18-24% won’t be back to work at 6 months. Why such a big difference? Well…there may be underlying differences in these…

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Episode 129 – Concussions & Sleep w Dr. Adit Margaliot

Sleep is so important for concussion recovery, yet very few people do it well. In this episode, I chat with a Neurologist and sleep expert, Dr. Adit Margaliot about the…

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Episode 128 – Litigation After Concussion w Luis Quail

Note: this conversation discusses the legal principles in Ontario Canada and things may be different in your area.  Also please note that this does not constitute legal advice and you…

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Episode 127 – Concussion Risk In Children & How To Minimize It

A must listen for parents of young children and/or anyone involved in youth sports.  In this episode we discuss concussion risks in kids and provide some real-world tangible things that…

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Episode 126 – Diet for Concussion Recovery – Can Fats Help with Concussion Recovery? w Dr. Paul Hrkal

In this episode we chat with Dr. Paul Hrkal all about the role fats play in both neuroprotection and concussion recovery. We discuss good vs. harmful fats, cholesterol, and deficiencies….

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Episode 125 – Concussion Recovery & Employment Law – What Are Your Rights? w Luis Quail

You’ve had a concussion and your employer is not working with you to find proper accommodations or threatening to terminate you if you cannot work…what are your rights? For this…

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