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Best Concussion Courses for Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists: A Comprehensive Review
A Comprehensive Review

Continuing education for concussion and post-concussion syndrome is a must for Physical Therapists (and Physiotherapists). This post breaks down the best concussion management training courses for PTs to allow you…

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3 Reasons You Need Continuing Education Concussion Training
3 Reasons You Need Continuing Education Concussion Training

From medical professionals and coaches to organizations and athletes, concussions are top of mind, and for good reason. Regardless of age and activity level, everyone is at risk for concussions….

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Concussion Recovery Tips for Success over the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, concussion recovery can become especially challenging. The hustle and bustle of the holidays often bring increased social expectations and overwhelming schedules that can cause additional…

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Top 5 most effective evidence-based treatment options for concussion

Historically, patients with concussion symptoms due to mild traumatic brain injury were told to rest, rest, rest. And when complete rest didn’t work, they were told to rest some more….

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Complete Concussions is successful because we provide top-rated, evidence-based clinical training programs for concussion testing and management.  Patients choose our clinics first because our clinicians get results.  As such, the first step to getting your clinic certified is to have at least one trained clinician.

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