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Sleep and Concussions: Getting the Rest That Helps You Heal

When someone sustains a concussion, there are many key considerations on their path to healing. Proper nutrition, metabolic recovery, and of course, sleep. But exactly what effect does a concussion…

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Concussion Recovery – Helpful Support Systems and Clear Communication

The Importance of Communication in Concussion Recovery When it comes to recovery, some injuries are simpler than others. For instance, if you break your leg in a ski accident, X-rays…

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Episode 133 – The Silent Injury & Helpful Support Systems with Melinda Krynen-Hill

The idea for this conversation came from frequent requests from PCS patients for something that they could share with friends and family to help them be more supportive and understanding….

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Episode 132 – The Autonomic Nervous System & How Exercise is Medicine for Concussion Patients

In this episode I chat with Dr. John Leddy, one of the inventors of the famous Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test. We discuss the autonomic nervous system and how exercise is…

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Complete Concussions

High Performance Sports

Olympic, Paralympic, Semi-Professional, and Professional Organizations

Looking for solutions for Youth, Middle School, and High School Sports Organizations?

Customize Your Service Package.

You can include any or all of the following – Mix and match to your club’s needs!

Comprehensive Training for Medical Staff
  • Online training courses available for Physicians, Physical Rehab Professionals (PT, DC, AT), Cognitive Rehab Professionals (OT, SLP), etc.
  • Evidence-based training programs to keep your medical staff up-to-date with current literature and best-practices
  • When turnover happens, who is going to train new staff members?  We help to keep everyone on the same page

Concussion Testing & Management Software
  • Validated baseline and post-injury testing (includes SCAT5, Neurocognitive, Reaction Time, Balance & Postural Sway, Visual Tracking & Processing, and more)
  • Management and assessment for return to sport and the treatment of persistent concussion symptoms (PCS) (includes Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Testing, VOMS, Gapski-Goodman, etc.)

Communication Tools for Medical Team Integration
  • Your team isn’t always together, but with this system they are!
  • Remote monitoring of athlete progress and automated communication lines between medical and rehab staff
  • Great for Olympic & Paralympic clubs where CMO may not be travelling with team during training!

Sideline Smartphone Application
  • All baseline test results and protocols available right on the sidelines for quick and immediate testing of suspected concussions
  • Results can be automatically compared to baseline scores for immediate interpretation
  • Results feed directly into clinical software and can be instantly communicated to CMO, even if they are not with the team!

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Some of Our Current
Elite & Professional Partner Organizations.

Alpine Canada

Freestyle Canada

Cycling Canada

Canada Snowboard

Bobsleigh Canada

Football PEI

Snow Australia

Mountain Bike Australia

The health and safety of our athletes is the first priority for the Peterborough Lakers. This program and our partnership with CCMI and Total Physiotherapy have been an integral part of our player health management system this season. This concussion protocol offers our staff and athletes piece of mind should a player suffer a concussion.

Paul Dev

Peterborough Lakers Lacrosse

Langley, BC

The Complete Concussion Management protocol is an excellent resource for providing a comprehensive, streamlined management strategy for concussions in any sports organization. This program is a perfect fit for all levels – from our Olympic teams to grassroots level freestyle skiing.

Adrian King

Freestyle Canada

Vancouver, BC

The Langley Rams are committed to player safety. We have a team doctor and trained staff to ensure players are taken care of on and off the field. We are proud to partner with CCMI and Rebound Sport and Spine to offer the best-in-class care and to ensure the future health of our players.

Dana Matheson

Langley Rams

Langley, BC

Though concussions can’t always be prevented. As a community, we can work together to recognize the symptoms, support treatment and recovery, and reduce the risk of additional injuries during recovery. The CCMI program is a tool and resource that brings us together in this endeavour. Partnering with CCMI has been a positive step forward in our updated concussion policies and protocols.

Jenn Pinnell-Fisher

SMAA Football

Sarnia, ON

As an organization, our mission is to develop great hockey players both on and off the ice, and most importantly, to protect the health and safety of our athletes. The implementation of this concussion protocol helps us to achieve our goal, allowing our athletes to play the sport they love for years to come.

Connie Kalpakis

Burlington Eagles Hockey

Burlington, ON

Elite & Professional Sports Organizations

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