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Our network of licensed, multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners collaborate with physicians to co-manage concussion patients.

Complete Concussion Management Practitioners Provide:

  • Referring a patient is easy and most services are covered by secondary health benefits

    1. Download the referral form and upload into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system or print
    2. Indicate if you want to receive regular status reports on the form
    3. Have your patient find a local CCMI clinic
    Download Referral Form

We Act As An Extension Of Your Practice

Watch the video to learn about how Complete Concussion Management practitioners can work with doctors to co-manage concussion patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a doctor refer a patient to a recognized Complete Concussion Management clinic?
When should a doctor refer a patient?
Where are CCMI clinics located?
What treatment options are available for my patients?
How does physiological rehabilitation (e.g., exercise therapy) support concussion recovery?
How does vestibular and visual rehabilitation support concussion recovery?
How does cervicogenic treatment (and manual therapy) support concussion recovery?
How does education and reassurance support concussion recovery (and resolve psychological comorbidities)?
How does diet and nutritional interventions support concussion recovery?
How much do these services cost my patients?
How long does it take for my patient to see a recognized CCMI practitioner?

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