Every 4 years the international concussion community receives an update to current concussion recommendations for addressing concussion in sport.  This document, meant for licensed healthcare providers, serves as the culmination of years of research and our renewed understanding of this complex topic.  Just yesterday, the British Journal of Sports Medicine released this highly anticipated document along with it’s additional clinical resources (all of which can be downloaded below) after postponing the conference twice in the past 2 years due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We are currently digesting this brand-new material and will be updating this post with key points and summaries as we do that.  But for now, please enjoy the following resources:

Consensus statement on concussion in sport: the 6th International Conference on Concussion in Sport– Amsterdam, October 2022

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 6 (SCAT6)

Sport Concussion Office Assessment Tool 6 (SCOAT6)

Concussion Recognition Tool 6 (CRT6)


To explore key insights from the 6th International Conference on Concussion in Sport, Amsterdam 2022 follow the link below.

6th International Conference on Concussion in Sport: Amsterdam 2022