Concussions can happen to athletes of any age participating in all kinds of sports. From hard hits in hockey and football to accidents in gymnastics and soccer, concussions are an unfortunate risk that comes with physical activity. 

While prevention is ideal, proper treatment and management after a concussion occurs is critical for minimizing long-term effects.

Seeking care from a specialized concussion clinic with protocols in place can make all the difference. Baseline testing, objective assessments of symptoms, guided return-to-play procedures, and multidisciplinary care teams set concussion clinics apart from other treatment options. 

Not only does this benefit youth athletes as their brains develop, but it also aids weekend warriors and pros alike, providing the level of care needed for a full recovery.

This article will highlight some of the top-rated concussion clinics in the Vancouver area, summarizing the services they offer for baseline testing, acute care, and long-term rehabilitation. 

From chiropractors and physiotherapists to integrated care teams, these clinics stay ahead of the latest research and leverage partners like Complete Concussion Management to provide exceptional guidance. 

Read on to learn about what sets these concussion experts apart and why you should consider getting assessed if you or a loved one suffers a head injury.

The Foundation for Integrated Health

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The Foundation for Integrated Health operates out of the Lonsdale Quay Market in North Vancouver, bringing together a range of services under one roof to take a whole-body approach to health and wellness. Their multi-disciplinary team includes chiropractors, massage therapists, and rehab specialists who treat the root cause of issues rather than just symptoms.

When it comes to concussions, The Foundation for Integrated Health is equipped to handle both acute cases as well as persistent post-concussion syndrome. They have baseline testing available to get pre-injury data on cognitive function for comparison later. 

They utilize the latest research on healing timelines and vulnerable recovery periods to make return-to-play decisions, avoiding premature activity that could compound injuries.

The clinic emphasizes that concussions sometimes get overlooked early on as their symptoms mirror other conditions like whiplash. Getting properly assessed for concussion by professionals familiar with the mechanisms of injury is key. And their “Concussion Management Team” can provide those actionable next steps for recovery based on an individual’s needs.

So whether you’ve been in a recent motor vehicle accident and want to rule out head trauma or are generally concerned about establishing baseline cognitive function, The Foundation for Integrated Health has the capabilities in North Vancouver.

Manhas Health Co.

Photo credit: Manhas Health Co.

Manhas Health Co. in Coquitlam takes an integrated approach to care with their newly renovated 8,000-square-foot facility that includes a full-service pharmacy, IV lounge, juice bar, and gym paired with physio and other therapies. Their goal is to provide complete healthcare under one roof.

When it comes to concussions, Manhas Health has the testing and technology to quickly diagnose traumatic brain injuries. Their team stays up to date on the latest research and leverages partners like Complete Concussion Management for protocols. They offer baseline cognitive testing to athletes at the start of their seasons for reference.

Once a concussion has occurred, Manhas Health develops customized treatment plans based on a patient’s symptom profile and health history. Their on-site gym allows physiotherapists to create targeted exercise programs to rehabilitate vestibular, ocular, and other systems impacted by head trauma. Guidance for safely returning to work, school, or sports is also provided.

The combination of integrated care and dedicated concussion expertise makes Manhas Health well-suited for both the initial acute phase of treatment as well as later-stage persistent symptoms if needed. Their sports medicine background is also useful for young athletes in particular.

Kids Physio Group

Photo credit: Kids Physio Group

As their name suggests, Kids Physio Group specializes in pediatric physiotherapy, with multiple locations across British Columbia. Their child-focused setting and range of engagement tools like toys and games help their young patients stay motivated during rehabilitation. 

Their therapists are specifically trained in areas like developmental milestones, growth phases, and age-related injury risks.

When it comes to concussions, Kids Physio Group leverages Complete Concussion Management protocols for proper assessment and treatment. Their staff is certified in these latest evidence-based methods. 

They offer baseline testing even for young kids to quantify their pre-injury cognition. And post-concussion care plans are tailored to children’s developing brains with academic accommodations. 

The clinic also works directly with health providers like their on-site pediatric sports medicine physician to ensure continuity of care.

So for school-aged kids who play weekend sports or compete at an elite level, Kids Physio Group has the kid-centric concussion services from testing through recovery. Their expertise and approach foster trust with children and parents alike.

Rebound Sport and Spine

Photo credit: Rebound Sport and Spine

Located just 30 minutes away from Vancouver, in Langley, the Rebound Sport and Spine clinic has an integrated care team spanning chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and more. Their chiropractors double as sports injury specialists given their background working with athletes. And they are also Certified Complete Concussion providers.

When it comes to concussions, Rebound Sport and Spine offers pre-season baseline testing that goes beyond computer screens to comprehensively quantify cognitive function. They adhere to best practices when assessing suspected head injuries, considering mechanisms of action, and ruling out red flags. Customized treatment plans then help both youth and adults recover.

The clinic also engages with local sports teams to implement proper concussion protocols. They educate coaches, parents, and players on signs to watch for and the importance of removal from play at the first signs of concussion. By consulting with Rebound for baseline testing and post-injury care, teams significantly improve their concussion preparedness.

Strive Health and Performance

Photo credit: Strive Health and Performance

Strive Health and Performance is a multidisciplinary clinic with chiropractors, registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, and more under one roof. This diversity of expertise allows them to develop customized treatment plans spanning modalities for optimal results. 

As a Complete Concussions-certified facility, they are equipped to handle all stages of care from baseline testing to return-to-play guidance.

Their baseline testing is comprehensive, going beyond computerized exams to paint a full picture of pre-injury cognition for comparison later. Strive Health explains that symptoms are not always the best measure of recovery, making this baseline data vital when determining if an athlete’s brain function has been restored after trauma. 

Close partnerships with referring physicians also facilitate continuity of care for both acute injuries and persistent post-concussion syndrome.

So whether you’re involved in high-intensity sports like football and hockey or simply active recreationally, Strive Health leverages objective metrics and multidisciplinary care to aid concussion recovery. Their Complete Concussion protocols provide trusted guidance throughout.

Expert Physio

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The robust physiotherapy clinic Expert Physio oversees concussion care for patients of all ages out of their Burnaby location. Their team includes 10 experienced specialists with over 100 cumulative years in the field. Aligning with Complete Concussion Management Inc., they adhere to global best practices from assessment to treatment.

Like the other clinics, Expert Physio has baseline testing available to quantify brain function prior to injury. Having this pre-injury data enables them to definitively determine when cognition has recovered to healthy levels before giving return-to-play clearance. 

For post-concussion care, they evaluate symptom patterns and craft customized rehabilitation programs that target specific neurological systems affected. Their sports physiotherapy services also facilitate athletic return to activity through closely monitored exertion.

With their depth of experience and reputation across Vancouver area sports teams, Expert Physio is certainly an expert choice for concussion management. Over 300 local physicians trust them for seamless care collaboration as well.


Seeking care from specialized concussion clinics that focus on objective metrics makes a significant difference in recovery outcomes. All of the clinics profiled here leverage Complete Concussion Management protocols rooted in current research. 

They establish baseline functioning through cognitive and physical testing so that post-injury data can definitively determine recovery. Guiding return to activity in school, work, or sports is also done carefully so as not to aggravate existing symptoms.

So whether you’re involved in highly physical elite sports, weekend recreational activities, or simply concerned about head injuries from accidents, these clinics have well-rounded teams in place to aid healing. 

Don’t delay if you experience a possible concussion – get assessed early on for the best results long-term. Check out other clinics around Vancouver here!