Concussions are a common form of traumatic brain injury, often caused by blows to the head. They can result in an array of physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms that may persist for weeks, months, or even years. 

Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and memory problems. While most people recover fully, concussions can have serious impacts if not properly diagnosed and managed which is why expanding access to multidisciplinary concussion management programs is crucial. 

Such programs incorporate medical oversight, cognitive/physical rest, academic/occupational accommodations, and targeted therapies such as vestibular and cognitive rehabilitation.

By offering customized treatment plans, these clinics strive to maximize recovery and improve the quality of life for those affected by concussions. Their work is vital in addressing this major public health concern.

As noted, getting proper assessment and treatment is crucial for recovering from a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). The Greater Toronto Area offers various clinics providing concussion care, ranging from general rehabilitation services to targeted specialty treatments. 

This article explores some of the options available.

Rehab & Treatment vs. Specialized Treatment

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While both “rehab and treatment” and “specialized treatment” concussion clinics offer comprehensive care for individuals with concussions, they differ in their focus and specialization. “Rehab and treatment” clinics provide a general approach to concussion management, addressing a range of symptoms and aiming for a full recovery within a typical timeframe. 

These clinics typically employ a team of healthcare professionals, including neurologists, neuropsychologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, to assess, diagnose, and treat concussion-related issues.

In contrast, “specialized treatment” concussion clinics cater to individuals with prolonged or complex concussion symptoms, often those who have not responded to standard rehabilitation approaches. These clinics possess a deeper understanding of concussion-related impairments and employ cutting-edge research-based therapies to target specific cognitive, vestibular, and physical deficits. 

Their team of experts, often including neurologists, neuropsychologists, cognitive rehabilitation specialists, vestibular therapists, and neuropsychiatric specialists, plays a crucial role in providing individualized treatment plans and ensuring optimal outcomes.

Comprehensive Concussion Rehab Clinics in Greater Toronto Area

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Many clinics in the Greater Toronto Area take a multidisciplinary approach to concussion recovery, offering comprehensive services to help patients manage symptoms and return to regular activity.

Live Active Sports Medicine

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Located in Toronto, Live Active Sports Medicine brings together a team of highly qualified professionals, including sport physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, neuropsychologists, and more. Their collaborative approach ensures that every patient receives a comprehensive assessment, personalized treatment plans, and the highest quality care possible.

Through a combination of multi-modal baseline testing, exertional testing, and targeted therapies, Live Active Sports Medicine helps individuals recover from injuries, prevent future setbacks, and optimize their physical performance. Their seamless in-house care reduces wait times and expedites the rehabilitation process.

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic

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Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic provides comprehensive concussion care as an official Complete Concussion Management (CCM) clinic. Located in Oakville and Burlington, Ontario – just a short 30 minute drive from downtown Toronto – their services are based on the latest concussion research and evidence-based practices.

For pre-season baseline testing, Sheddon offers extensive evaluation of healthy brain functioning including physical and cognitive assessments. These objective benchmarks allow for comparison to post-injury status to inform return to play decisions. 

Once a concussion occurs, Sheddon diagnoses the injury and provides early management with initial cognitive and physical rest, followed by gradual symptom-limited return to activity tailored to each patient. Decisions on progression are made on a case-by-case basis. For those with persistent symptoms, they offer specialized CCM rehabilitation techniques.

As education is critical, Sheddon provides concussion training and certification programs for coaches and trainers. They also utilize the CCMI Concussion Tracker app to monitor recovery status and facilitate communication between athletes, healthcare staff and support personnel.

Their treatment approach adheres to CCMI standards including rest, followed by controlled increases in mental and physical exertion as tolerated. With a full service sports medicine team, they provide access to sports physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and more for well-rounded care.

In summary, Sheddon leverages substantial expertise as an accredited CCM clinic to deliver gold-standard concussion services – from baseline testing and diagnosis to multi-faceted treatment, rehabilitation and education. Their sports medicine collaboration also allows for complete management under one roof.

Complete Balance Health Centre

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Complete Balance Health Centre, revolves exclusively around complex concussion cases. Launched in 2001 by award-winning chiropractor Dr. James Fung voted “Best in the Etobicoke Guardian,” Complete Balance stays on the leading edge of diagnosis and rehabilitation for stubborn issues stumping standard clinics.

What sets Complete Balance apart is its relentless commitment to unraveling why patients with even “mild” concussion histories feel unwell for months or years. Their solution? A diverse team of area standouts renowned for solving treatment riddles across specialties such as physiotherapy, sports medicine, neuro-optometry, and more.

Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic

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With roots dating back to 1999, Burlington Sports and Spine Clinic provides fundamental concussion services like initial assessments, education, and gradual return to activity guidance which benefits milder cases soon after injury. Furthermore, it offers physiotherapy for headaches and difficulties concentrating, chiropractic care, massage therapy, osteopathy, and vestibular rehabilitation – and all of that, just a 40-minute drive west of Toronto.

Their goal is to help patients recover quickly from injury, maintain active lifestyles, and perform at their best. Treatments range from manual therapies and exercise prescriptions to electrical nerve stimulation, shockwave therapy, and medical acupuncture. They also offer baseline concussion testing for athletes along with a certified concussion management program.

College Chiropractic and Sports Clinic

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College Chiropractic and Sports Clinic takes a holistic approach to care, creating customized concussion treatment programs. Their certified providers use the evidence-based Complete Concussion Management system. Treatments can involve activity modification, cross-training, manual therapies, and coordinated return to school, work or sports protocols.

The Sports Clinic

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Just a 30-minute drive from Toronto, in Oakville, you can find The Sports Clinic. This clinic takes a whole-body, whole-person approach to treating concussions and other sports injuries. Their medical staff are fully accredited doctors who specialize in sports medicine. They use the latest concussion research and protocols, including the SCAT5 assessment tool, to evaluate and treat concussions. 

The clinic offers a graduated return-to-play protocol following concussions. They encourage baseline ImPACT testing to aid in return-to-play decisions. They recommend cognitive and physical rest until all concussion symptoms resolve, which may involve keeping athletes out of school. They caution against returning to play too soon, especially after a first concussion, due to the increased risk of subsequent concussions.

The Sports Clinic has assembled a dedicated team of physicians and therapists specially trained in concussion management. Treatments are based on the most up-to-date concussion research and consensus protocols. 

Other services include assessment of sports-related injuries, imaging, viscosupplementation injections for osteoarthritis, platelet-rich plasma injections to encourage tissue healing, and physiotherapy using manual therapy and extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

Targeted Concussion Assessments and Therapy Clinics in Greater Toronto Area

In contrast to the general rehabilitation clinics above, some facilities in the Greater Toronto Area specialize in targeted concussion therapies based on detailed specialty assessments.

The Concussion Vision Clinic

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When a concussion disrupts the delicate balance of visual functions, the Concussion Vision Clinic stands as a beacon of hope, offering customized vision rehabilitation programs that address the root causes of lingering symptoms. Located in Toronto’s city center and led by Dr Shirley Blanc, Therapist of the Year awarded by Brain Injury Canada, this clinic goes beyond traditional optometry to delve into the subtle yet profound impact of concussions on visual processing.

Their comprehensive approach integrates cutting-edge technologies like OCT retinal imaging and RightEye tracking systems to precisely diagnose and treat underlying visual impairments. Advanced optometry treatments, including lenses, prisms, and specialized exercises, are tailored to address specific deficiencies identified through comprehensive evaluations.

Beyond addressing immediate visual challenges, the clinic takes a holistic view, recognizing the interconnectedness of vision and brain function. Their concussion-focused physiotherapists assess neck mobility limitations, often overlooked in traditional exams, that can contribute to lingering symptoms like fogginess or imbalance. Specialized vestibular and cervical rehabilitation rebuilds deficits, promoting overall well-being and accelerating recovery.

For athletes seeking peak performance, the Concussion Vision Clinic offers customized sports vision training onsite, incorporating world-class technologies like NeuroTracker and RightEye testing. This approach optimizes visual skills crucial for enhanced coordination, reaction time, and decision-making, empowering athletes to reach their full potential. 

In the hands of Dr. Blanc and her dedicated team, the Concussion Vision Clinic transforms the journey of concussion recovery from a frustrating labyrinth to a path of guided healing. Their expertise in identifying and addressing subtle yet profound visual impairments paves the way for a return to a fulfilling and active life.

The Pain and Wellness Centre

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Located just over 20 miles north of downtown Toronto, the Pain and Wellness Centre is a clinic in Vaughan, Ontario founded by Dr. Angela Mailis in 2014. It takes a whole-person approach to treating pain and uses both eastern and western medicine. The clinic believes addressing both mind and body is key for pain relief and aims to help patients achieve better health through evidence-based holistic treatments. 

Services offered include chronic pain assessments by pain clinicians to diagnose causes and offer treatments like medications, various therapies, lifestyle counseling, and more. They also provide chiropractic care focused on reducing pain and improving functionality through techniques like manipulation, acupuncture, and soft tissue therapy. In addition, they offer naturopathic medicine emphasizing using natural remedies and the body’s innate healing abilities to treat illnesses and promote wellness.

Dr. Paul Hrkal, a naturopathic doctor on staff, has advanced certification and training in concussion management. He is a scientific advisor for Complete Concussion Management, a leader in concussion research and training. Dr. Hrkal has a special interest in neurological conditions like concussions and chronic pain. He frequently writes and lectures to healthcare professionals and the public on integrative and natural approaches to treating concussions and brain injuries.

In summary, this clinic provides diverse pain management and wellness services, with specialized expertise in treating concussions and post-concussion syndrome from Dr. Paul Hrkal using evidence-based complementary medicine approaches.

Jenni Diamond

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This concussion rehabilitation clinic is run by Jenni Diamond, an occupational therapist based outside Toronto. Jenni offers virtual appointments via video or phone calls to patients with concussions. She also treats those suffering from long-term COVID-19 symptoms, chronic headaches, and mild cognitive impairment.

Her concussion rehabilitation services focus on helping patients manage their symptoms and return to normal activities like work, school, or sports. She creates customized return-to-activity programs for each patient. Specific services include improving functioning at work or school, increasing energy, enhancing sleep quality, teaching relaxation techniques and cognitive strategies, providing ergonomic recommendations, educating about concussions, and giving injury prevention advice.

Jenni has expertise in treating the unique symptoms and challenges faced by those with concussions and other neurological issues. Her background as an occupational therapist allows her to address the holistic physical, mental, and occupational impacts concussions can have. 

By offering virtual appointments, Jenni makes her services accessible to patients throughout Ontario unable to easily travel to appointments. Her multifaceted approach involves education, concrete symptom management strategies, and tailored return-to-activity planning to help patients regain functioning in their daily lives.


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The Greater Toronto Area offers a wealth of concussion care options to meet individual needs at every stage of recovery. For those recently injured, clinics like Burlington Sports and Spine provide fundamental services for initial assessments, education, and gradual return to activity guidance to support milder cases. 

Those requiring more comprehensive rehabilitation can find centers like Live Active Sports Medicine that offer diverse collaborative teams and multi-modal therapies to target symptoms and optimize healing. 

For patients with prolonged post-concussion deficits, Toronto and its surrounding areas have cutting-edge specialty clinics to provide detailed individualized evaluations and treatments. Facilities like Complete Balance Health Center and the Concussion Vision Clinic cater to complex cases, possessing advanced expertise in unraveling the subtleties of lingering cognitive, visual, vestibular, and other impairments stumping standard protocols. 

By precisely identifying core deficiencies and providing targeted rehabilitation, these clinics pave the road to recovery even for patients struggling with stubborn symptoms for months or years post-injury.

Ultimately, the breadth of Greater Toronto Area’s concussion care landscape allows patients to find optimal fit and customized treatment plans aligned with their specific needs and recovery goals. Whether requiring general rehabilitation or assessments and therapies tailored to individual deficits, Torontonians with concussions have excellent support through this network of clinics devoted to healing and maximizing their health and quality of life.