Team Leader

Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Medical Team, Sports Org/School, anyone who is responsible for a group of athletes and/or students

Frequently Asked Questions - Team Leader

How do I create a team/classroom?
How do I add players to my team/class list?
I invited a player to join my team but I don’t see them?
What is the fastest way to add players to my team/class list?
How do I remove players from my team list?
What do the colours mean on my players/students?
How do I report a concussion injury?
When an injury is reported on one of my athletes while playing on a different team or a different sport, will I be made aware?
How do I track the recovery status of my athletes/students?
How do I view the athletic/academic permissions for an athlete/student?
How do I clear an athlete back to play on the app?
I’m a coach/teacher, but I also would like to create an account for my own children using the same email address. Can I do this?
How do I send an injury report or clearance letter to someone?

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