Launch of the New Concussion Management Course for Rehab Professionals and Interactive Membership Platform

In what was the highly unpredictable and volatile year of 2020, the Complete Concussion Management Team got to work updating resources to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of concussion research.

The intention of the 2020 update was to provide the most up to date, interactive and supportive approach to concussion education and service delivery for rehab professionals worldwide. With this in mind, the end of 2020 saw the launch of the new and improved Concussion Management Course for Rehab Professionals on a brand-new interactive online platform. Not only does this new and improved course deliver on the latest concussion research evidence but also provides participants the opportunity for interactive engagement with our global concussion community via the Academy platform.

The Academy platform provides clinicians with the option to remain engaged in CCMI’s global concussion rehab community on an ongoing basis through a choice of varying membership levels. Three different levels have been created to provide clinicians with a bespoke approach to community involvement, allowing every clinician to tailor their access to best fit their professional, clinic and community engagement needs. As a practicing clinician this is a highly valuable tool to ensure ongoing access to new research and readily available support from a collection of leading professionals in the area of concussion management to collaborate, discuss complex cases and more.

Click (here) for further information on membership level inclusions and how to get involved.

The overhauled CCMI Concussion Training Course for Rehab professionals contains more than 40 hours of video-based lectures & practical demonstrations based on over 2000 of the most recent peer-reviewed publications. The program is designed to take clinicians at any level and provide them with expert-level understanding of concussion pathophysiology, biomechanics, assessment, management, treatment, and rehabilitation.

The course is taught by a host of multidisciplinary specialists in the field of concussion treatment and rehabilitation including Neurology, Vestibular Therapy, Manual Therapy & Chiropractic, Neuro-optometry, and Naturopathic/Functional Medicine.

Learn more about your course instructors (here).

The CCMI program is the one-stop shop for those who are either, A) already treating concussion patients but want to up their game, or B) are new to the concussion space and want to acquire expert-level knowledge and skills as quickly as possible.  No matter your background or skill-level, The *NEW* CCMI Concussion Training Course for Rehab Professionals is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to manage any concussion case confidently and build a fully operational concussion management program within 8-10 weeks.


Also for a limited time, new course registrants will receive 2 months inside the CCMI Academy absolutely FREE!

Click here for more information on the CCMI Course and Academy and to view a list of course instructors and bios