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CCMI Clinic Certification Program

The Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) program provides partnered clinics with everything needed to implement an effective, evidence-based concussion management program.

Through practitioner education, continuous research updates, state-of-the-art Concussion Testing and Management Software, access to marketing resources and technology tools, the CCMI program has been proven to help our Certified Clinics and Clinicians improve patient outcomes and stay at the forefront of concussion management, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Getting Started

Step 1

Practitioner Training Course

Take our FULL concussion training course with NO commitments!

The most comprehensive evidence-based concussion training course available anywhere!

  • 12 Modules (40 hours) taught by 4 different experts
  • 39.5 hours of Lessons
  • 34+ Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) (location dependent)
  • Based on over 2000 scientific, peer-reviewed references
  • Video Lectures and Tutorials on every aspect of concussion management and PCS treatment/rehab
  • Hundreds of clinical resources, links to full text articles
  • Tips and tools for maximizing your patient success
  • Access to course instructors for immediate feedback and Q & A
  • Certificate of course completion

***Note: Completion of Practitioner Training Course is for educational purposes only and does not “certify” you as a CCMI Clinician or put you on the CCMI map.  For that, you need to join our Certified Clinician Membership upon completion of your training (this is completely optional)

Step 2

Choose Your Membership

Choose the path that works best for your practice!

There are 3 membership options for those who complete the CCMI training course

  1. The CCMI Academy
    • Monthly Concussion Research Updates
    • Access to the exclusive CCMI Practitioner Facebook group to connect with clinicians from all around the world
    • Ongoing access to the training course as well as ALL future updates
    • Access to hundreds of clinical resources
    • Access to ALL video content (all assessment & treatment videos)
    • Access to weekly office hours with experts to discuss problem cases and seek guidance
    • Monthly Masters Seminars (FREE webinars with concussion researchers and experts to keep you up to date!)
  2. The CCMI Academy+
    • Includes everything from the CCMI Academy…PLUS
    • Unlimited access to CCMI’s Concussion Testing and Management Software & Pairing with Concussion Tracker Smartphone app for sideline injury reporting and recovery monitoring
    • Pre-/Post-Injury and Exertion Testing Administration & Comparisons
  3. Certified Clinician
    • Includes everything from CCMI Academy+…PLUS
    • Listing on the CCMI map as a Certified Clinician
    • CCMI Marketing resources and materials
    • A dedicated program development manager to help you grow your program
    • FREE recertification courses every 2 years

Memberships are not obligatory and you can cancel anytime!

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