Concussions are one of the most complex injuries that athletes, children, and people of all ages face. A concussion occurs when there is trauma to the head that causes the brain to shake rapidly back and forth inside the skull. This can lead to bruising of the brain, damage to brain cells, and a disruption of normal brain function.

The symptoms of a concussion can range from mild to severe and include headaches, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, balance issues, confusion, memory loss and loss of consciousness. 

Without proper diagnosis and management, concussion symptoms can last for weeks or even months. In rare cases, repeat concussions before full recovery can result in severe neurological damage and may even be fatal.

That’s why having access to comprehensive concussion care is so vital. There are several specialised clinics in the Sydney, Australia area that focus on initial screening and baseline testing, expert diagnosis after head injuries, evidence-based rehabilitation programs, and gradual return to normal activity protocols. By utilizing proven assessment tools and treatment methods, these concussion clinics maximise recovery and mitigate the risks associated with traumatic brain injuries.

Getting medical attention from one of Sydney’s concussion management facilities allows patients the best chance to alleviate symptoms, restore brain function and prevent the likelihood of long term effects related to untreated concussions. The state-of-the-art services, sports medicine expertise and commitment to safe recoveries set these clinics apart.

CP Physio (St Peters).

CP Physio

CP Physio in St Peters is a clinic specialised in targeted neurological therapies to treat concussion symptoms and improve balance. Under the direction of Chieu, an experienced physiotherapist certified by Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI), CP Physio provides customised concussion rehabilitation utilising proven methods.

As concussions often cause vestibular dysfunction, affecting the inner ear and balance, CP Physio offers advanced vestibular rehabilitation. This can effectively treat common post-concussion issues like vertigo, dizziness and imbalance.

CP Physio’s certification from Complete Concussion Management means patients gain access to the latest research and technologies to properly assess concussion severity and facilitate recovery.

Every patient receives an in-depth initial consultation, focused on understanding their injury, establishing goals for rehabilitation and developing treatment strategies. Follow-up appointments allow Chieu and his team to continually monitor patient progress and adjust therapies accordingly. 

Whether it’s manual therapies for the neck, gradually increasing aerobic exercise programs or eye movement desensitisation, patients benefit from targeted rehabilitation plans.

By concentrating specifically on post-concussion therapy, CP Physio is helping patients reduce unpleasant symptoms sooner and rebuild critical functions to avoid prolonged damage following brain trauma. Their proven approach helps each patient safely return to their daily life – including work, school, family activities and sports they enjoy.

Sports Lab (Alexandria & Double Bay).

Sports Lab

Sports Lab operates two multidisciplinary clinics in Alexandria and Double Bay focused on complete injury rehabilitation, with specialised expertise in concussion management. 

Operating as sister facilities, Sports Lab Alexandria and Double Bay count over a dozen health specialists among their staff – including physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and sports medicine doctors. This allows Sports Lab to provide integrated care for complex concussion cases. Patients gain access to baseline cognitive and balance testing, advanced diagnostics, customised treatment blueprints, progress tracking and return-to-play clearance. 

Backed by Sports Lab’s partnership with Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI), their therapists undergo rigorous training for the latest evidence-based standards of care.

Sports Lab understands that no two concussions or patients are alike. Therefore, they emphasize comprehensive evaluations starting from first contact through the entire recovery journey. 

Some of the assessment tools leveraged include sensory motor testing, oculomotor exams to gauge eye movement and vision, reaction time drills, dual task exercises analysing multi-tasking capability and more.

The data gathered from these tests allows Sports Lab’s interdisciplinary teams to create rehabilitation programs tailored to each patient’s symptoms and severity. Typical Sports Lab treatment methods involve manual therapies, graduated aerobic training, visual motion desensitisation, cervical and vestibular rehabilitation and stimulating cognitive activities. 

Patients can access the same robust concussion care at either the Alexandria or Double Bay clinics.

HH Physio and Sports Rehab (Oatley).

HH Physio and Rehab

For those who have suffered a concussion, having access to proper diagnosis, treatment and recovery services is crucial. If concussions are not managed correctly, lingering issues can persist. HH Physio and Sports Rehab located in Oatley provides comprehensive concussion care as a certified Complete Concussions program location.

Their concussion services start with baseline testing which establishes an athletic baseline to compare post-injury performance against. Once a patient suffers a concussion, HH Physio offers cutting-edge assessment across areas like balance, reaction time and visual processing to pinpoint any dysfunction. 

This allows them to create a tailored treatment plan that utilises therapies such as exercise, manual techniques, and vestibular rehabilitation to target deficits.

Unlike old-fashioned protocols that emphasised only rest, HH Physio employs more progressive approaches that involve gradual increases in activity under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists. Their team develops customised return-to-activity programs for school, work or sports that ensure injuries are healed appropriately before risking further damage. Patients also receive education about concussion recovery.

By offering gold-standard testing, proven treatment strategies and evidence-based care, HH Physio and Sports Rehab delivers exceptional concussion services. Their multidimensional approach can help patients bounce back from these traumatic brain injuries.

Dynamic Physiotherapy (Five Dock).

Dynamic Physiotherapy

Dynamic Physiotherapy operates under a vision of holistic and individualised treatment, with a focus on helping clients return to activities they enjoy. The clinic begins with a thorough assessment, including movement analysis, to pinpoint the cause of injury and create tailored short and long term goals.

As a partner of Complete Concussion Management Inc., Dynamic Physio provides a full suite of evidence-based concussion services. This includes baseline testing to establish a benchmark for healthy brain functioning pre-injury. If a concussion occurs, Dynamic then offers cutting-edge assessment and therapies.

Their treatment strategies incorporate manual techniques to alleviate neck tension, exercise programs to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery, and vestibular rehabilitation to address balance deficits. The team creates customised return-to-play protocols while noting that proper diet can also impact recovery.

Furthermore, Dynamic educates clients that immediate concussion removal, early intervention, and pre-season evaluations help prevent post-concussion syndrome. Their multidimensional approach combines testing, proven rehab activities, patient empowerment and the latest research to facilitate optimal concussion recovery.

By blending compassionate care with comprehensive solutions tailored to each client’s situation, Dynamic Physiotherapy enables people to bounce back from concussion-related issues. Their understanding of concussion complexities allows for better health outcomes.

Sydney Concussion Centre (CBD & Gymea).

Sydney Concussion Centre

The Sydney Concussion Centre operates as a scientifically-based service with the goal of reducing the impact of concussions on people’s lives. The Centre houses experts in assessment and treatment of concussions, leveraging the latest research to provide care.

By thoroughly evaluating areas like balance and vision, the Sydney Concussion Centre can pinpoint specific domains affected by a concussion. This allows them to create tailored treatment plans that address the root causes of lingering symptoms. Therapies like targeted exercise programs help clients recover function.

Additionally, the Centre works to educate the public about the serious nature of concussions and bring awareness to proper management techniques. They dispel harmful myths that rest alone facilitates healing. The Centre also develops prevention initiatives for athletes, emphasising how rule changes and neck strengthening can reduce injury risk.

Through their compassionate, evidence-based and multifaceted approach, the Sydney Concussion Centre is helping evolve the standard of care for concussions. Their clinical expertise combined with outreach efforts enables both better treatment for affected individuals as well as prevention strategies moving forward. They are leading the way in concussion diagnosis, rehabilitation and safety.


The threat of concussions facing athletes and active individuals in Sydney demonstrates the need for access to premier care. Thankfully, clinics like HH Physio, Dynamic Physio, The Sports Physio Clinic and the Sydney Concussion Centre provide comprehensive concussion services rooted in scientific research and empirical data.

These clinics offer integrated baselines testing, injury assessments leveraging advanced diagnostic tools, evidence-based treatment protocols, and customised return-to-activity programming. 

Their methodical evaluations identify affected domains while therapies strengthen areas of dysfunction. Teams of cross-disciplinary experts guide each patient through gradual recovery milestones until full rehabilitation.

With proven testing methods to understand pre-injury versus post-concussion neurofunction, manual therapies to address associated physical impediments, and progressive return to activity planning, these clinics employ gold-standard concussion care for optimal patient outcomes. Their patient-first commitment delivers the safest path back to normal life. 

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