Healthcare Practitioners Viewing Concussion Imaging

Healthcare Practitioners

Evidence-based concussion management courses, training and referral network for healthcare practitioners.

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Become A Clinic

Our Practitioner Certification Course teaches healthcare practitioners to assess, treat and manage concussions (35 CE/CPD credits).

Join a global network of multidisciplinary clinics connected through EMR technology and provide evidence-based concussion care.

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Level 1 – Intro to Concussion Management

Take the first step to improve your concussion knowledge (13 CE/CPD credits).

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For Doctors

Co-manage your concussion patients with licensed healthcare practitioners with training and experience in concussion management, treatment and rehabilitation.

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Supportive Care

Some concussion cases require specialist interventions.

Join our referral network of performance vision optometrists, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists and naturopathic doctors, among others.

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